Tomatina in Lviv

Tomatina Healthy Food Restaurant

Tomatina’s Healthy Food Restaurant serves delicious and healthy dishes from its Mediterranean and European cuisine. Tomatina’s specialties are fresh salad-pasta, with lots of vegetables and meat roasted on grill.

Dishes from a healthy food cafe will definitely be appreciated by everyone who cares about their health and shape, because Tomatina always prepares them with fresh ingredients and no harmful additives.

From now on, a good lunch can be enjoyed not only by visiting the restaurant of healthy eating, but also having ordered delivery of lunch in any corner of Lviv. Order delicious salads, fresh sandwiches and other dishes home or at work – Tomatina will quickly deliver you a delicious and nutritious meal.

Features of the restaurant Tomatina in Lviv

The main credo of Tomatina’s nutritional cafe is always useful and delicious food from fresh produce. The menu is constantly supplemented and improved, taking into account the wishes of the guests of the institution. Today, from the menu of the fitness meal cafe you can try the following goodies:

  • salad pastas, which are extremely popular in the Mediterranean countries, the main ingredient of which is paste, which combines with seafood, vegetables, herbs, and meat to choose from;
  • salads from vegetables, meat, seafood (classic “Caesar”, salad with an unusual combination of turkey and pears, “Caesar” with a reduced caloric content, favorite “Grecian”, salads with salmon, etc.);
  • delicate cream soups (tomato, mushroom, spinach);
  • Fresh sandwiches with lots of meat and vegetables enclosed in tasty baguettes (chicken, turkey, beef, dried tomatoes, prosciutto or vegetarian);
  • branded drinks (Tarkhun, Berry, Tomatino);
  • as well as original desserts.

How to make an order in Tomatina

In order to taste the original salad pasta or other dishes of a healthy food restaurant, you need to visit Tomatina at a convenient location – in the King Cross Leopolis Shopping Center in the village Sokilnyky or at the restaurant in Lviv, located in the Victoria Gardens shopping center.

For those who want to try a delicious and useful lunch at home or at work, you should use the delivery service from the restaurant – call the contact number or make an order directly from the site. Delivery will be free for orders of 200 UAH.

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Sorry, we are not working now. We work for you with inspiration from 10:00 to 22:00.